Danger: Void Behind Door is essentially an archive of various bits and bobs I’ve written over the years. Some of it appeared on the Smoke website, some on various blogs, some on bits of pulped tree. I suspect it’s more for my benefit than anything else, but… well it’s here if you want to take a look.

As for the name…

Between 1997 and 2011, I lived in an ex-council flat just off Lambeth Walk. This meant not only that each day started with a cheery Cockney dance – it was a condition of the lease – but also that my local tube station was one of Zone 1’s most under-used and enigmatic: Lambeth North. And this, in turn, meant that I quickly became aware of an oddity at the far end of the southbound Bakerloo Line platform one stop up the line at Waterloo: a small, yellow, hinged panel in the end wall on which was written, in stark black capitals, DANGER: VOID BEHIND DOOR.

Now: if, as implied, the panel really did conceal a fully functioning portal into a realm of infinite, timeless and possibly diabolical darkness – which seemed unlikely but, hey, the Bakerloo’s a funny old line – then obviously it was good of London Transport to warn us. And if it didn’t… well, at least I’d now got a name for my website.