Books cost £10 each plus postage.* Only one has actually been published so far – the Leyton one. But Deptford should be out soon, and Vauxhall and Brentford will follow at roughly four-monthly intervals, so I thought I’d mock up some covers (they’ll almost certainly change – the Deptford one already has, as you may have spotted on the home page) and maybe entice you into parting with £39 for a four-book subscription. That will help sustain the whole project, and also save you 20% over the course of the sub, as you’re not paying any postage on top. You can start your sub with the Leyton book or, if you’ve already got that, with the Deptford one. Click on the Leyton book for more info about what’s inside and sneak previews of ten random pages.

* p&p: 1 copy – £2.34; 2 copies – £2.74; 3 copies – £3.14; 4 or more – £3.54 (these prices will probably make more sense once more than one book exists but, hey, you might have a friend). Books are posted in a cardboard mailer, not a Jiffy bag or envelope, to protect the corners and stop them getting bent.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: if you need something posting outside the UK, send me a note via the CONTACT page and I’ll calculate a price and send you a link to a specially tailored order page – the shipping algorithms aren’t that versatile, and I’ve not yet worked out a formula that doesn’t sometimes leave one of us horribly out of pocket.


These are some things we produced under the Smoke: a London Peculiar banner which inexplicably haven’t sold out. You can buy individual back issues of the magazine for two quid (the original cover price was mostly £2.50 or £2.90), or all twelve remaining issues for £17. The Olympic Book is £12 – it says £15 the cover, but that was largely to cover distribution costs, and £12 feels better. All of those are plus p&p. Soho!, the board game, is £20 but that includes p&p as it will be posted in two parts for reasons explained in the blurb. Click on the images below to find out more.